First Visit

New Patients - First Visit

There's a first time for everything and visiting a chiropractor for the first time might seem intimidating. You can rest assured that Dr. MacAdam and his team understand and take the time to walk you through each step of your path to a better, happier and more product lifestyle through chiropractic. Understanding your options and how our office supports you will make your first visit much more enjoyable. We promise - you'll be glad you visited our office!

You can call our office at 949.276.4600 or email us with any questions.

First Visit

  • Initial Consultation +

    Initial Consultation One of the great things about our office is that we never charge for an initial consultation with the doctor. We are committed to answering Read More
  • X-Ray Examination +

    X-Ray Examination Our state-of-the-art office enables patients the most convenience possible, with in-house X-ray service. X-rays are only one part of our examination process, but an essential Read More
  • Thermal Imaging +

    Thermal Imaging Does Thermal Scan hurt?Absolutely not. The scan does not utilize any needles, electrical shock, or heat whatsoever. It receives important information from your Central Nervous Read More
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