What Is CrainioBiotic Technique (CBT)?

How does CBT work?

CBT is based on the exciting, emerging field of Energy Medicine. CBT treatment involves the fingertip stimulation of a series of "reflex" points on the cranium and upper body. This powerful but gentle technique commands your brain and immune system to focus on -- and correct -- a specific health problem.

Why is a final retest necessary?

We must all be sure that all of your previously treated problems have been successfully corrected. Also, secondary health stressors will often reveal themselves after your primary stressors have been eliminated. This is especially true with airborne allergies.

Who is a good candidate for CBT?

Because CBT is non-invasive and painless, anyone -- including newborns -- can potentially benefit from this type of care.

How many CBT treatments will I need?

Most people require only one treatment for each "health stressor", except for Candida (4 treatments) and parasites (2 treatments).

Can CBT help all sinus problems?

CBT can only help your sinus problems if they are caused by allergies or infections. CBT may not be successful if your sinus problems are caused by narrowed sinus openings, a deviated septum or polyps. Also, CBT will not prevent you from developing a sinus infection or allergy in the future.

What if I get sick after I am released from care?

It is usually caused by a viral, parasitic or bacterial infection. It is also possible that you have developed a totally new allergy. Established patients are evaluated and treated for only $40 per infection, and $50 per allergy.

How accurate are medical allergy testing procedures?

The accuracy of medical allergy testing can vary considerably. The fact that a person has negative test results does not always mean they do not have any allergies. Also, people who test positive for specific substances often do not experience an adverse reaction to those substances.

After completing my CBT allergy treatments, will my medical test results change?

Probably not. It is a medical fact that you can still test positive for an allergen for many years after you have quit reacting to it.