Are There Risks?

While every health discipline has its risks, chiropractic care has one of the lowest risk ratings regarding malpractice according to all major malpractice insurance carriers in the United States. This is due to ongoing insurance risk assessment research done by insurance companies each year to determine risk ratings for each health care discipline to determine individual premiums. Due to extremely low injuries caused by chiropractors our profession is awarded one of the lowest premium rates for malpractice of all health care disciplines. Simply put…low risk means low premiums.

However, for some patients there is still the fear of the unknown. Dr. MacAdam will take the time to explain each step of the treatment process and only do very light, low force adjusting that is comfortable to you. There are many different techniques that Dr. MacAdam is trained in and he will use the technique(s) that work best for you.

From infants to seniors, chiropractic is proven over and over again to be far safer with less risks than most all other health disciplines.