X-Ray Examination

lOur state-of-the-art office enables patients the most convenience possible, with in-house X-ray service. X-rays are only one part of our examination process, but an essential part. X-rays of your spine allow the doctor to see with his eyes what he cannot feel with his hands as a chiropractor. They can show conditions such as abnormal curvatures, spinal decay or degeneration, spinal pathology, bone density, history of past injuries and more.

Is X-Ray Radiation Harmful?
Due to advancement in radiology technology over the years, radiation exposure has been reduced to minimal levels. We are exposed to radiation every day by the sun which our body is able to adapt to. Because radiation exposure is increased the closer we are to the sun, air flight will increase the dosage we typically would get in a day. A full spine X-ray series typically taken in our office is less than what a person would be exposed to from a round trip air flight from LA to New York.

What should I expect when getting X-Rays?
Once scheduled for X-rays, patients are given a clean gown to change into, in a private room. All jewelry must be removed at this time. Chiropractors perform weight bearing X-ray studies due to the subtle changes that occur to the spine and its curvatures when standing verses lying supine. So, you will be standing for your X-rays.

I just had X-Rays taken at a different office. Will these be sufficient?
Possibly. Be sure to let the doctor and staff know, so the X-rays can be transferred to our office for review. If they provide the needed information to move forward with chiropractic care, then additional X-rays will not be necessary. However, if they are not specific or current enough, the doctor may feel it is in your best interest for additional films to be taken. Our goal is always to give you the best care possible to enable your body to heal to optimum health.