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Herniated Discs and Chiropractic Care

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Did you know that during our lifetime, 70% of us will have back pain? Seventy percent! Some of the many reasons that may cause us back pain are weight gain or pregnancy, a slip or fall, improperly lifting heavy weight, sleeping on a poor mattress or automobile and sports related accidents. If you have or have ever had back pain, you know how painful it can be. And a herniated disc is even worse.


When a spinal disc herniates, the jelly-like fluid in the center of the disc leaks out, irritating no-longer protected nerves. Talk about pain! It rarely goes away. Typical treatments include pain killers, narcotics, muscle relaxers, cortisone injections and surgery. But recently, a research paper documented the highly effective results attained by chiropractic care.


In this study, 148 patients between the ages of 18 to 65 years with lower back pain and leg pain who were also confirmed to have lumbar disc herniation from an MRI study, were given chiropractic care. The process, described by the researchers as, "high-velocity, low-amplitude spinal manipulation," was delivered by doctors of chiropractic in Zürich, Switzerland.  


The results of the study showed that after only 2 weeks of care, 69.9% considered themselves better or much better. After one month of chiropractic care, 79.6% were better or much better, as were 90.5% of the patients at the three-month evaluation.You can read the full study here


If you or a loved one suffers from back pain or a herniated disc, please pass along my contact information. Our office offers spinal decompression, core strength building exercises and chiropractic adjustments specific to herniated discs. My goal: A Better Back - A Better Life.



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Dr. Scott MacAdam

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