20 Years of Military Work

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20 Years of Military Work!

A big part of my job requires me to lift heavy weapons like this Mark 19 40mm grenade launcher weighing 77lbs.  I am currently a US Army Infantry Weapons Repairman. Living with lower back pain and stabbing sharp pain in my middle back became a way of life for me.

I thought it was just what happened after 20 years in the military wearing load bearing vests and heavy body armor during training and 4 deployments.  The only thing medical doctors could do was prescribed me 800mg of Motrin and 10mg of Cyclobenzaprine hcl.  They only addressed the symptoms but never offered any solutions to stop the pain from re-occurring.  After just a few months of chiropractic visits with Dr. Scott Macadam, I am now mostly pain free and able to perform physical acts without the constant re-occurrences of pain associated with years of wear and tear on my back.

SSG Jason Auclair