Featured Testimonial - Pitching Pain

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Pitching Pain

Before Dr. Mac, I had been experiencing lower back pain constantly for three years.  Nothing seemed to work or ease the pain.  Being an athlete, I am always doing something physical whether it is lifting, running or training.  The back pain made it really difficult to perform at my highest level day in and day out.  Some days the pain wasn’t too bad, but other days I would barely be able to get out of bed. Even the most menial tasks like walking and sitting caused me pain.

After being under care with Dr. Mac, my back pain has been slowly decreasing and it is not constantly on my mind anymore.  I don’t immediately tighten up after workouts like I use to and I can see a change in my flexibility.  Being a pitcher in the minor leagues, it is imperative to have a pain free back, especially since we have to deal with fourteen hour bus rides through the night and sleep in subpar beds in hotels.  Dr. Mac has helped me out tremendously!!

Brian Rauh - Nationals Minor League Pitcher