Computer Work Related Numbness

Ladera Family & Sports Chiropractic

Worked Wonders!

I have worked in the IT industry, which means interfacing with computers... usually in a chair all day long,,, for over 15 years. Recently, I started experiencing numbness and in some cases sharp pain in my neck, shoulders, arms and fingers. At times, my fingers would go numb and I would just have to stop working.

Eventually it got so bad, that even away from my desk, I ached. It started effecting the way I was sitting, walking and even sleeping. I figured I was getting old and just needed to work out. Yeah, right!

I ended up in Dr. MacAdam's office seeking help for my 12 year old baseball player son. He was constantly pushing on his chin to adjust his neck. Without a shirt on, I noticed a bad curve in his spine! I couldn't believe it. I called Dr. MacAdam and he saw my son immediately. While Dr. MacAdam was questioning my son, my head was shaking "yes" to all the questions he was asking. A week later I was under his care as well.

Since starting care, my numbness, pain and irritations have all gone away. I feel so much better and have a better attitude. After the initial corrections, I am now on maintenance to ensure I don't get into a bad place again... because I still sit most of my day.

Thank you Dr. Mac! You Rock!


Michael Hart - Ladera Ranch Resident