Herniated Disc, Low Back Pain, Sport Injury, Asthma

Ladera Family & Sports Chiropractic

Look Mom, No Inhaler!

Thank you for helping our family so much.  Although my husband and I came in for a herniated disc and a painful lower back, you also treated our daughters and son who suffered from heavy school backpacks, a horseback riding injury and asthma.

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Vertigo, Digestive Problems, Limp

Ladera Family & Sports Chiropractic

Not Getting Older... Getting Better!

I hadn't seen a chiropractor in over 20 years when I came to see Dr. Mac.  I had vertigo and I couldn't turn my neck to the right.  I also had digestive problems, and my right leg was stuck in my hip socket so I had a slight limp.  I thought this was all a part of getting older.

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Migraines and Headaches

Ladera Family & Sports Chiropractic

What Migranes?

I began going to Dr. MacAdam around October or November of 1995.  I went in because I had migraine headaches three or four times a week. I had been going to different chiropractors for the past nine or ten years but have never been able to be consistent with my treatments until I started coming to Dr. MacAdam.

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