20 Years of Military Work

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20 Years of Military Work!

A big part of my job requires me to lift heavy weapons like this Mark 19 40mm grenade launcher weighing 77lbs.  I am currently a US Army Infantry Weapons Repairman. Living with lower back pain and stabbing sharp pain in my middle back became a way of life for me.

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Improved Golf Game

Improved Golf Game!

I crawled to Dr. MacAdam’s clinic in crisis.  I could barely get off the couch and I had my annual golf trip to Bandon Dunes less than a month away.  Dr. Macadam got me back on the course in time to play pain-free and I had a wonderful trip.  That was great, but the fantastic part is what happened a month later.


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Digestion and More

Ladera Family & Sports Chiropractic

Digestion and More

Standing for 10 hours a day can wear on a person's neck, back, legs and feet. After seeing Dr. MacAdam, my pain decreased while my endurance increased, as to be expected from a good chiropractor. But I was thrilled to learn that is has also helped me with asthma, acid reflux, poor circulation, headaches, and even the common cold.

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