TMJ, Dizziness, Headaches

Ladera Family & Sports Chiropractic

TMJ, Dizziness & Headaches... Gone!

Back in March of 1991, I started feeling dizzy, had constant headaches and had a loud clicking noise in my ears every time I swallowed. At the time I thought I had some sort of ear problem.  I went to see many doctors and was treated for an inner ear infection.

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Repetative Work Injury, Uneven (Short) Leg, Infertility

Ladera Family & Sports Chiropractic

We're Pregnant!

When our family started seeing Dr. MacAdam, we had previously had occasional chiropractic care elsewhere. We love Dr. Mac's cheerful and positive family approach to care -- answering all our questions with a seeming passion to educate us about our body and its capacity to heal.

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Vertigo and Back Pain

Ladera Family & Sports Chiropractic

Keeps The Vertigo Away!

I have had back problems since 1992.  In 1994, I experienced severe upper back pain for no apparent reason.  The pain was excruciating. I lost sleep for days and just could not find relief.  It interfered with my lifestyle and ministry.   I tried homeopathic therapies and slowly I got better.

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